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  • Far too many children and young adults are homicidal, suicidal, drinking, using drugs, etc...
  • Far to many children
    and young adults are compromising themselves...
  • Providing a sense of community
    for young adults 15 to 25 and their parents
  • Empowering children and young adults
    with interior design skills...

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Most 15 to 25 year olds have not yet become an Alcoholic, drug addict, suicidal, homicidal, cutters, rapist, murderer, homeless, stripper, yet...

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Disturbing statistics

Statistically speaking across America the average 15 to 25 year old has a 90% chance of becoming at least one of the categories to the left...

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By choice or by default

The choice is yours as to who/what you want to be in this lifetime. You are your own personal architect. Become someone you can be proud of...

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Head it off at the pass

Habits being what they are, if you don't start working on developing positive qualities in your life early on, you will fail in the long run...

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Pick a Category

America is changing rapidly and safety can be a moving target depending on how you look at it. Professionals are saying that mental illness is on the rise, but The Architect sees it differently- we see a group of young men and women ages 15 to 25 that have been neglected at the highest level for far too long... And they refuse to go unnoticed any more. So we either develop a program that caters to them and acknowledges them, or we watch them self-destruct in many cases and take many of us down with them.

Divorce in America is at an all time high, and these young men and women are spending far to much time alone and on their own with few influences in their lives other than their peers. What they see on television, and within the games they play online are influencing them also. SAFETY? One of the ways we are going to feel safe again in America in the years to come is to be there and influence these young powerful men and women in a positive manner. Many mothers and fathers are dropping the ball via divorce and the family model is disintegrating at an exponential pace year after year in America.

Disturbing Statistics

There is an old saying that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That said, The Architect is on the FRONT LINE when it comes to listening to these young powerful men and women. Our open format allows these young adults to share their feelings and emotions in an open format, which will allow us to expose in many instances the "PROBLEM CHILDS" so to speak, so authorities can with with the individuals who's minds have drifted into an area of what we call STINKING THINKING...

It's OK to have a thought, but often times it's not OK to act on the thought... And The Architect is thoroughly convinced that allowing these young adults ages 18 to 25 to share their feeling and emotions in an open format like "AA" will allow these individuals to listen to how similar each of their thinking is, and how they actually are NOT all that unique in their thinking. And how it's OK to have the thoughts, but it's not OK to act on them. Listening and sharing among their peers will help ease their pain and anguish an help educate them on how to improve the quality of their lives by using the The Architect format to expose their lives and their positive and negative thoughts.

By choice or by default

Education via awareness through enlightenment can be quite powerful. The Architect's open format allows these young adults an opportunity to share their feelings and learn about their emotions and how to handle them. Our goal is to provide a sense of community that allows an environment where these young powerful people can evolve among their peers.

This is a format that allows these young powerful men and women to share, NOT be preached to by a teacher in a classroom. For the first time in many of these kids life, they get to publicly share who they are, and how they think and feel. Does this format work? Yes it works, and the nice thing about The Architect is that these young powerful men and women get to be part of this community and this format PRIOR TO actually becoming a Murderer, or Alcoholic, Drug Addict, or Stripper... The Architect is there for these young men and women ages 15 to 23, Prior To them actually being catagorized as something they would rather not be, and Prior To becoming a burden on society...

Head it off at the pass

Be it positive or negative, all a child wants is attention. That said, these young powerful men and women are going to waste. Their thoughts, words and actions are being overlooked more so than any other time in American History... Why you might ask? Well, lets just start with the fact that few parents are home with these young men and women. And when they are home, they often times have other things on their minds due to the economy, and the pressures that have been placed on Americas families.

As this author writes this material, the news of the day is the shooting at Sandy Hook grade School... Think that young man Adam Lanza needed attention? As the founder of Who is "The Architect" of your life?., I think so. The time has come to allow these young men and women to state their case, get there feelings out in the open, and communicate their needs so that others can help them in the event they need help. This open format allows for an option that these young men and women would not have otherwise, as society in America turns it's back on millions and millions of young men and women crying out for attention.

Our mission: To provide a meeting place where young adults 15 to 25 can be part of a community comprised of their peers where they can work out lifes issues, or compare themselves to others as they work on theirs...

With broken homes at an all time high, Who is the Architect of your life?., believes one of the most neglected age categories in America today is young adults between the ages 15 and 23. And society is paying the price in many ways, to include suicides, alcoholism, drug addictions, and homicides at an elevated level throughout America. The families they once depended on are disintegrating. In most families both parents are working and divorce rates are at an all time high. In addition, it's NOT in vogue to Mentor young people any more. And Mentors are disappearing at an alarming rate. These young adults are left to fend for themselves- and society is paying the price in many ways...

"Society is paying the price for their neglect throughout America via catastrophes such as 20 year old Adam Lanzas Sandy Hook Grade School shootings, 25 year old James Holmes Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre, and the Columbine Slayings via two 18 year old seniors "...... founder Bret Martin
Our Mission:

Is to provide a sense of community to a group of young men and women who have become neglected due to circumstances beyond their control. Inflation is kicking our butts in so many ways, it's hard to actually pinpoint or actually count the ways. But lets be honest with one another, many young men and women between the ages 15 to 23 don't have a lot of influential people in their lives these days, what with all the broken homes across America. And providing a format that allows these young men and women an avenue where they can become part of something bigger and better than themselves is key.

Our Mission is really quite simple....... It's to help these young men and women accomplish their missions..... And along the way if they get off track, provide the insight necessary to allow them options to turn the other direction and go in the direction they set out on in the first place.

Unconditional Love

Asperger's syndrome, Bipolar, OCD, Manic, when does it stop? We seem to have labeled every young man and women in America today with some sort of affliction. No wonder these kids are so screwed up... What is really interesting, is just how many people in America today are afraid of these young men and women ages 15 to 25...

Just what is unconditional love? Wikipedia describes it as "affection without any limitations". Think there were limitations set on the Newtown Connecticut killer Adam Lanza by the community around him? Yeah, they had alienated him for years... And look what became of it!!! Look, I am not condoning what he's done, but rest assured as the founder of the Open Heart Foundation and the Who is "The Architect" of your life?., program when I was young I saw first hand what it's like to be cast aside by your family, friends, and or community at a young age- I saw what it did to some of the kids around me growing up, and I know that most of those kids are a mess now, or went through hell growing up. Thus one of the number of reasons why I've started the The Architect program, to allow young men like Adam to "stick out" naturally among his peers. Come to think of it, Our Mission is simple, it's to help these young men and women RISE UP, when society has turned it's back on them!

Broken homes-

Young adults across America are bearing the brunt of the pain from divorce and broken homes whether the parents think so or not.

Mother & Father-

Aunts, uncles, Grandmothers and Grandfathers- it takes a villiage to raise a child... So The Architect has formed a villiage!

To add value-

Young adults want to be noticed for who they are, and what they have done, we hold them up at The Architect.

Developement & Enlightenment-

Watching a young adult become engaged in life is like watching a light bulb get turned on.

Cast no Judgement-

The Architect casts no judgement and is here for young adults age 15-23 unconditionally, regardless of their biography...

Comradery works-

We instill teamwork Knowone is left out, for we feel action and creativity breeds comradery and builds a sense of community.